Our Story




So Fresh is Nigeria’s number one and fastest growing healthy food chain for a wide range of fresh, delicious, nutrient-rich and healthy meals. Founded in 2010 as Fruitivegies Limited, a modernized Farmer’s Market, before its rebrand and change of name to So Fresh in 2013.

Fresh is best and that is how we win every day, selling a wide variety of fresh salads, smoothies, juices, parfait and other quick on the go healthy meals. We believe the choices we make about what we eat, where it comes from and how it’s prepared have a direct and powerful impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and the environment. At So Fresh, we therefore believe that food should be fresh wholesome and close to nature as much as possible, hence we create, retail and promote fresh, tasty, organic, hygienic wholesome and healthy food.

We are big on quality, hygiene, food safety and freshness.

As an organisation we understand that nations thrive and succeed on the backdrop of an energetic and healthy populace. Hence beyond providing easy access to Fresh Healthy Meals, we inspire and motivate citizens to adopt a healthy lifestyle through various community engagement programs across different strata both online and offline.

8 years on, we’ve been at the forefront of pioneering the healthy lifestyle and wellness revolution in Nigeria through promoting healthier eating options and habits.

We feel a sense of responsibility to change the future of food as we know it today, it’s a revolution and we have all it takes to compete on a global space. It’s a call to a MISSION! From Nigeria to Africa and to the World. We currently operate from 5 locations, 4 in the City of Lagos and 1 in Abuja, Nigeria


The ‘So Fresh Way’ establishes a common understanding for us and our stakeholders to consistently achieve results the right way every time.

Inspiring you to Live Fresh, Live Healthy

We inspire people to live healthier and happier lives, by enriching them with fresh, wholesome, nutrient-rich and delicious meals. Not only do we serve real food, fresh and healthy from nature, at the core of what we do is PEOPLE:

The people we empower people to:

  • Make healthy food choices and live healthier lifestyles.
  • Realise their weight-loss and fitness goals.
  • Improve their health conditions, overall wellbeing and self-esteem.
  • Be economically independent.

For us it’s all about the PEOPLE we empower daily through the value we create. Our fresh healthy food is just the medium.

We feel a sense of responsibility to change the future of food as we know it today and so, our underlying philosophy is to provide good, clean nutrition and healthy living and remain a customer-centric organization in order to create sustainable value for our community

Our vision is to be the prime destination for people to make Clean, Safe & Healthy Food Choices in Africa

These six core values embody what we stand for, what drives us and our way of doing things the right way. They keep us focused and help us make decisions about every aspect of our business.


So Fresh Neighbourhood Market is committed to providing the highest quality products and services.

Quality to us means ensuring freshness, wholesomeness, hygiene, safety, tastiness, nutritive value, good appearance and nice presentation of all products we offer.

We will offer cheerful, responsive and prompt delivery of fresh healthy meals in-store and out-store.

We will ensure

  1. Timely Delivery
  2. Timely Communication
  3. Product Availability
  4. Correct Order
  5. Professionalism

Our products are taken through a standard quality compliance, hygiene management and safety checks.

We ensure that our products are

  1. Fresh
  2. Clean & Hygienic
  3. Well Preserved, Packaged & Displayed
  4. Healthy and Safe for consumption

Our spaces stay true to what we believe in and stand for; open, inviting, warm and comfortable. We provide a serene, conducive and hygienic environment for people to have easy access to nutrient-rich, safe and healthy food choices.

Our open kitchens reflect our commitment to transparency and integrity because we want our guests to know exactly what goes into their food, where it came from and how we make it fresh.

Our walls are wood panelled, decorated with natural flowers and bear unique work of art, to celebrate human’s connection to nature and beauty. Our spaces encourage community and fosters relationship.

We heartily welcome you into your fresh home, at every of our So Fresh outlet.